Friday, 4 September 2015

Review of KeyBank

I opened an account with KeyBank several months ago to take advantage of a promotion where I would get a free iPod. They confirmed today that I would qualify for the iPod. I’m excited about that.

At first, my intention was just to use this account to get the promotion, and then after that was over I would close the account. But there are several things I like about it. Firstly, I can mail them checks to deposit. I get checks all the time from rebates and such. I could go to my local bank, but I rarely have to go there, and so since it only costs 44 cents to mail the checks in verses the time and gas money I’d spend depositing them locally, I just mail them in. Obviously I wait until I have a few – I’m not going to mail in a check for only $20! Ha!

Their website is a little easier to navigate than my local bank. And logging in is pretty easy.

Their Bill Pay has some plusses and some minuses. It is nice to have all the payees listed and see all the transactions that you have setup all on one screen. Two of the other banks I use don’t allow that – you have to click on each payee, and see if there is anything listed, and then it just shows up as payment 1, payment 2, etc., and that’s kind of difficult to use. But what I do not like is that if I were to set up an reoccurring payment I cannot set up any additional payments. For example, if I wanted to pay $50 a month toward my student loan, I would not be able to send an additional payment. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’ve heard on several different sites that if you call for help multiple times they charge you for that. I have not confirmed that. I have been trying to setup KeyBank with Quicken, but as of right now it seems that KeyBank actually charges you a monthly fee for accessing their site with Quicken. That to me does not make any sense, and if that is correct I probably would not make KeyBank my main bank.